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welcome to my little creative corner where i post photos of my beloved sims!

Possible Sims 4 CAS Demo Giveaway...?


So I got my hands on an extra copy of The Sims 4 CAS Demo and I would definitely consider giving it away to someone, but I would probably have to hold some sort of a formal giveaway. Since so many people have already asked me to share mine and I was unable to (because it came to me through a…

wished i had it :/ i can’t even play ts2/ts3 anymore >.<


Where have my Sims gone?!

Please, guys, if anyone could help me or has an idea of what happened, I would be so glad… CAS doesn’t show up all of my SavedSims anymore! :(

I never had this problem before and I checked my Sims in all sizes/ages in CAS, also in “Edit Town” but nothing changes… 

I’m quite desperate right now and I have not a single clue how I can fix that. So if you have an advice please help me :’(



Hello! Its your secret valentine, I'm going to start your card tomorrow, is there any particular theme you'd like? Gothic, cute etc or would you prefer it to be a surprise? :3

Heey, sorry, I just realized tumblr didn’t post my whole answer o.O

Sorry again! For the valentine card: I like quite everything, whether cute or gothic- it’s your choice! Just surprise me <3 <3


Umm, does anybody know…

… if there’s a place where I can find Joedy’s skintones?

Sadly her site is down since a long time and I’m looking for her skins desperately… So if you know if there’s a chance to get her DLs or you even have some of her old cc it would be super nice if you could message me!!

Thanx for reading! ~ 



WCIF this skin? post/74741389533 :)

It’s the sugar skintone by treesimz which I edited a bit ^^


Urgh, I’m going to die from exhaustion so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open no matter what I try or how much caffeine I’m consuming… I want back to my bed o.O

I&#8217;m quite happy with the way her face turned out ♥

This Love Day (Feb. 14), I will gift 5 random simmers with a sweet cc surprise! Simply reblog this post to enter. ♥♥♥Note: If you have an ask box, your gift will be left for you by midnight on 2/14. If you don’t have an ask box, don’t panic! I will list all winners on 2/15 and you can message me your email address if you’ve won.