Bit of a contest, so I posted this a while ago and so I figured I’d give one away! Yes, that’s right a mouse pad of your very own, since we are on the internet right now, yes?. Now I know I’m a simblr, but I have quite a few art, fan and personal blogs that follow me too, so you don’t have to be a simblr to win. 
You do have to be following me though, cos I’d rather have a follower win, than some random off the street, and it’s a follower gift so? 
You can find my art here, here and here, so go see what I can do, and see if you’d like to enter. 
You can get a painting of your sim, your face, your otp, your fave show, your fave musician, anything you’d like! 
This contest is for anyone, anywhere, and it’s totally free. I’ll paint the art, buy the mouse pad and ship it to you! 
To enter all you have to do is reblog this once.
That’s it. This ends July 1st, so two weeks from today. After that I’ll use a random generator to pick a winner.

Wow, I can make sims I actually like. 
Possible Sims 4 CAS Demo Giveaway...?


So I got my hands on an extra copy of The Sims 4 CAS Demo and I would definitely consider giving it away to someone, but I would probably have to hold some sort of a formal giveaway. Since so many people have already asked me to share mine and I was unable to (because it came to me through a…

wished i had it :/ i can’t even play ts2/ts3 anymore >.<

Where have my Sims gone?!

Please, guys, if anyone could help me or has an idea of what happened, I would be so glad… CAS doesn’t show up all of my SavedSims anymore! :(

I never had this problem before and I checked my Sims in all sizes/ages in CAS, also in “Edit Town” but nothing changes… 

I’m quite desperate right now and I have not a single clue how I can fix that. So if you have an advice please help me :’(

Anonymous whispered: Hello! Its your secret valentine, I'm going to start your card tomorrow, is there any particular theme you'd like? Gothic, cute etc or would you prefer it to be a surprise? :3

Heey, sorry, I just realized tumblr didn’t post my whole answer o.O

Sorry again! For the valentine card: I like quite everything, whether cute or gothic- it’s your choice! Just surprise me <3 <3

perfectic theme